History Edit

Early Life Edit

Appearance Edit

Skin color, build, limbs, feet, hands. Face Shape (Round, Oval, Chubby, Thin, Long, Square, Heart) Eye shape, Eye color, Hair Color, Hair Style, Hair Texture. Facial Hair? Any Freckles, Moles, Scars, Birthmarks or Tattoos? ,nose, eyes, lips, hair color and texture, hairstyles, clothing preference, posture, walk, common gestures / tics, Cosmetics. Facial hair?

Personality Edit

Personality Flaws / Vices, Severity of Personality Flaws, Weaknesses and Shortcomings,

Personality Strengths / Virtues, Fears, Hopes and Dreams, Religion /Belief: Describe the character's philosophical, superstitious, religious and political beliefs, Secrets, Mental Health, Severity of Mental Health, Cooperation, Leadership Role, Group Role, Annoyances (List things that really annoy the character), Prejudices, Goals

Favorites? Favorite Food? Favorite Color? Favorite Clothing? Favorite Pastimes / Hobbies? Favorite Literary Genre? Favorite Items? Favorite Animal? Favorite Musical Genre?

Relationships Edit

List Affiliations and Relations with other characters.

Abilities Edit

Skills Edit

List any physical abilities here

Powers Edit

List any supernatural powers here


Themes and Motifs

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